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市内分拨及中短途配送 Intra-city distribution and medium and short-distance distribution


We own the flat-deck car, box car, flying wing box car and container vehicle of different tonnages from2 to 30T. The two-way round trip of intra-city short-distance and Shanghai surrounding whole vehicleand part load, allocation of import and export cargoes and container transportation service. Realizefast delivery, arrival on schedule and sending on schedule among cities within Yangtze River Delta region.

中短途配送及出口进仓、进口分拨 Export warehouse import allocation


We own the flatdeck car,box car,flying wing box cor and containervehicle of different tonnages from 2T to 30T.The twoway round trip otintracity short-distance and Shanghai suttounding whole vehicle anopart loadallocation ofimport and export cargoes and containettransportation serviceRealize fast delivery,arrival on schedule andsending on schedule among cities within Yangtze River Delta region.



The total area of the domestic logistics warehouse of ShanghaiNew Haide Logistics Development up to 50000 squaremeters. The ware house is equipped with the modem warehousingoperation tools and the advanced warehouse manaaementsystem, and it can provide the short-term storage and distributionservice for the client

国内公路干线物流网络 Domestictrunkroadlogisticsnetwork


Relving on six operation centers of Shanghai, Beiing Guangzhou, Xi! an, Chongaing and Changchun, and through the way of self-builting and cooperation and integration Shanghai New Haide Logistics Development Co.. Ltd, builds a trunk road transpartation service net-work system with the pivot city as the core and covering main cities nationwide.